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Monthly Archives: April 2009

using dd to copy with progress

Here’s a little script that uses dd to copy a file, and prints a status report every second for where it’s up to:

# this script uses `dd` to copy a file 

# print usage

#for mac:
#for linux

	echo "usage: $0  "
	echo "this will copy all data from input file to output file, reporting statistics every second"

# check we have 2 args

if [ $# -ne 2 ]; then
	exit 1

# start the copy
dd bs=65536 if="$1" of="$2" & pid=$!

# sleep for a bit
sleep 1

#check status
while kill -$signal $pid 2> /dev/null
	#sleep again
	sleep 1

Pro Tools keyboard scrub speeds

It’s probably changed with Pro Tools 8, and I just needed to know exactly what it was… (and it’s not mentioned in the reference manual or the keyboard shortcuts manual):

Holding CTRL + Numeric Keypad Number scrubs on Mac and WIN + Numeric Keypad NUmber scrubs on Windows at these speeds:

Key Speed % Speed cents
1 25% -2400
2 50% -1200
3 60% -884
4 80% -386
5 100% 0
6 200% +1200
7 300% +1902
8 400% +2400
9 800% +3600


Viruses Infecting the World

I caught part of a story on 60 minutes last night called “The Enemy Within” about computer viruses attacking computers all over the world. One part of the story was the CBS news network in the US where they had discovered – much to their amazement – that viruses had infected some of their computers.

I also noticed that all of the computers they showed on the story were running a Microsoft operating system.

Thank goodness I use an Apple Mac. When all of the dogs in the neighbourhood are sick…. get a cat.