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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Electric Scooters available in Brisbane now!

Even before petrol rises to over $1.30 a litre next month when the Qld Govt end their fuel subsidy…

This baby:

Has a 1.5kWh capacity. So even if you drove it flat every day, and charged it on peak electricity, at 16c/kWh, you’re talking 24 cents a day.

That’s a whopping $1.20 a week.

And if you don’t drive it til it’s flat every day, and can charge it overnight with off peak electricity, then the cost will probably be more realistically something like $0.60 a week running cost.

That makes getting the bus look extremely expensive by comparison!

Today Tonight need their own Bunker, and lock them in.

I can’t believe the trash on Channel 7’s Today Tonight talking about a bunker for running the Australian government in, and the cost. Whilst I’m no war monger, I think the general principle of having secure government operations is just fine. And what about the price?

$34 million over 2 years… that’s

  • less than $1 per person per year;
  • or less than 0.1% of the Australia’s defence budget;
  • or about what Telstra paid Sol Trujillo as CEO.

I think the fools at Today Tonight should build themselves a bunker, get in and seal it from the rest of the world so we don’t have to waste our brains on this tripe.