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So i bought a Microsoft keyboard for my Mac

I’d always thought that Microsoft keyboards were too expensive, or just didn’t work on a mac.

After two failures with Logitech – one with a bad driver problem that I put up with for years; and the other getting the wrong key layout – I figured I’d give the Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 1000 a go. Because, well, the price was right: it was cheap.

It actually said on the box that it supports Mac, which I assumed would be the same as the Mac simply works with any USB keyboard (albeit the ALT and Windows keys are typically backwards).

But it actually has proper drivers with a nice System Preferences pane that lets you hook up applications, like Mac Mail, Safari and iTunes to all the extra function keys on the top of the keyboard.

So well, done, Microsoft. You’ve earned this one!


One response to “So i bought a Microsoft keyboard for my Mac

  1. Magnus 9 June, 2011 at 12:28

    I’ve always thought that Microsoft made very decent hardware. It’s the OS that I cannot approve of.

    BTW – Discovered your blog tonight. Enjoying the archives, especially with regards to OpenSolaris/Illumos and Mac adventures.

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