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Not so Quick Deposit box

Today, I had the lovely experience of going into a Commonwealth Bank branch to deposit a cheque.

It’s usually no drama, I use the Quick Deposit envelopes, which means you get to deposit the cheque without paying $2 (or whatever it is) to speak to the teller. But, there’s no longer a counter with a pen to fill out the quick deposit envelope…

So, I line up to speak to the teller, and ask her “Can I borrow that pen?” … “Thanks, I’ll be right back”, and I promptly go to some other part of the branch that looks like it’s not in anyone’s way, fill it out, drop it in the box, and then line up again to return the pen.

Just because I’m nice. And they’re not. (Actually the teller was nice – if she wasn’t she wouldn’t have given me the pen).

They should be called the “quick deposit with a free pen” envelope, or “not so quick deposit box”. šŸ™‚

I guess they go out of their way to make it easy for you to use the expensive services, don’t they….


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