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Telstra Bigpond Cable crappy Netgear Router part 1

We just signed up for a Telstra Bigpond cable connection. I was previously with Internode, who I was very happy with, for many years, and it was a big decision to leave. Basically, we changed because of more data, less price, and most importantly faster downloads. Previously, I’d had good experience with ADSL2, but our house we moved into a year and a half ago has a crappy phone line where we could only get around 4 Mb/s, which didn’t cut it for our increasing internet video usage. (Apple TV and Youtube more and more these days).

So, along comes with installer with a Netgear CGD24N cable modem and router. It’s got a two nice features, our old modem didn’t have:

  1. Wireless N
  2. Guest network

Great. BUT, there’s always a BUT. These are the issues I discovered straight off:

  • admin password doesn’t always work, meaning sometimes you cannot access the router config
  • no available manual
  • some really slow connection times… more on this later.

I spent time on the phone to Netgear chasing the manual. They were very unhelpful, claiming it was a model specific to Telstra (despite being on their website with technical specifications). So my first support call to Bigpond was to get the manual. At least they provided it to me. Thanks.

So far, the internet connection is largely very good. Downloads are smashing fast. Speedtest tops about 28Mb/sec from a wired connection to the router. And HD videos on the Apple TV stream nearly instantly.

In the main, I’m happy with the connection, but I have a feeling this little router is going to annoy the crap out of me.


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