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Telstra Bigpond Cable crappy Netgear Router part 3

So another ten days have gone by, with me turning the router on and off to reset it when its NAT table fills up, which causes slow connections and site dropouts – despite some connections continuing to work.

After doing more reading and testing, I was thoroughly convinced that this is a problem with the router. Whether its a limitation of firmware design, memory, whatever, I don’t know. It’s a limitation, and it makes our internet connection painful to use.

So I gathered a bunch of data, video recording of the lights on the modem, printout of modem’s signal status page, dumps of the `netstat` command in various states of working, slow and ridiculously slow, and sent them all in to big pond for a technical support request. The main part of the request is this:

If I bought a device as crappy as this from a retail shop, like Harvey Normal or Office Works, I’d be well within my rights to return it as faulty, get a refund and buy a different model. However, since Telstra Bigpond provide the equipment, this process is *far* more difficult.

It appears that there are two solutions:

  1. Disable NAT in the CGD24N, effectively using it only as a modem, and buy my own wireless router; or
  2. Exchange the CGD24N for a Motorola single port modem, and buy my own wireless router.

They both suck, because of the obvious step of “buy my own wireless router” which is at my cost.

With that being the punch line, I sent all of that into to BigPond support. They asked me to do some line checks, which all passed, of course, because the problem is in the router, not the modem or the line. But to eliminate the possibility of a faulty unit, or faulty line, I had to get a technician out to check the line. Which happens during business hours, costing my time and more money!

Here comes the Technician

So, along comes the technician. A friendly fellow. Checks the line status. All good, no surprises. He marks it as a faulty router and replaces it. Let’s see how it goes.


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