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Telstra Bigpond Cable crappy Netgear Router part 6

So I got home from work and my wife was downloading something onto her computer, I plugged in my laptop and boom… Web pages timing out. Massive SYN_SENT in my netstat output. No problem connecting to the router, I could see that the router had a good signal strength, and the line definitely hadn’t dropped out because the other computer was downloading. I could connect to my nas and do a backup there.

The only piece of the network that wasn’t working correctly was the Netgear router, with the symptoms described by others when the NAT (Network Address Translation) table is full and the router simply cannot handle any more connections.

So, on the phone to Telstra Bigpond technical support again to see what can be done about it. Nothing, it turns out, because all they can do is send out a Field Technician to check the line (which has happened 3 times now), or replace the modem with the same model. Not good enough.

They referred me to sales. Odd, but at least I’m going somewhere else because the people on the tech support line clearly don’t have any capability to deal with my issue. Logically this makes some sense – the sales team have provisioned substandard equipment, what can support do about it?

So I got on the phone to sales to continue complaining about this. After explaining the situation yet again – I need to make a recording to play down the line to them – they decided to send me a replacement modem. I insisted that they needed to provide a “better” modem, because another Netgear would simply result in the same problems (we’ve already been down that path).

The girl tells me that she’s going to send me a Thomson modem. I’d only heard of Thomson making ADSL modems, and she *couldn’t* tell me the model number which is quite concerning. I’ve since looked up Thomson (bloody hard to find anything on Technicolor’s crappy website) and they do indeed make cable modems.

So fingers crossed, this replacement is a cable modem and that it’s router works properly.

Failing that, I can feel a letter to the TIO coming on.

Oh, and if anyone reading this has used a Thomson Cable modem, especially if provisioned by Telstra, I’d love to hear how it went!


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