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Telstra Bigpond Cable crappy Netgear Router part 7

In my last post, I wrote that after too many unsuccessful calls to Bigpond technical support to replace my crappy Netgear CGD24N cable modem, I spoke with someone in sales who said they would send me a replacement modem and that it would be a Thomson cable modem. Well the modem arrived in the mail today, and guess what? They sent me another Netgear CGD24N. Fools.

Enough is enough. I went to my local computer store and bought a Linksys wireless router, disabled NAT on the CGD24N (effectively disabling all of its router functions and using it just as a modem), and connected the Linksys router. Boom. Fast, snappy perfect internet.

It just goes to show that the router part of the CGD24N is total rubbish.

I’ve been on the phone to Telstra Bigpond about a dozen times now, have had a field technician check the line 3 times (it’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with the line) and replace the modem with the same model 3 times (it’s still rubbish) and have no solution. Except for me to spend more money on another piece of gear to do the job of the router that Telstra provided.

Now that I have a perfectly working connection, my motivation to speak to Telstra call centres that can’t do anything about this problem is massively reduced.

However, I think other potential customers should know about these issues. And likewise, so does the TIO.


5 responses to “Telstra Bigpond Cable crappy Netgear Router part 7

  1. lucas 11 December, 2011 at 21:59

    I feel your pain.

    I have had the exact same issues with the crap netgear modem supplied.

    (Big assumption HERE) in the past I have had similar issues with adsl based netgear modem routers. In fact the exact same issue. Some were later resolved with firmware updated that enabled options to disable log on port forwarding. Seems the issue was that the internal memory was filled up and caused the router to crash. This is why it required more frequent restarts when a lot more data is transferee (peer to peer for example) unfortunately one cannot flash the cable router with 3rd party firmware. The symptoms I describe on the adsl routers seems to be the same as what is happening on this cable router.

    After reading your post I pulled out my belkin router (which has an option for telstra cable connection, disabled Nat on the telstra router, connected port 1 on the telstra router to the modem port on the Belkin, and I have not had one dropout for over a week.

  2. Luke (the other Lucas) 11 March, 2012 at 06:46

    So good to lean that I’m not alone in my pain. Thanks, Matt, for your clear enunciation of the problem.
    BigPong sent me a replacement CG24DN this week, in the vague hope that the later firmware would fix the problem. I would happily have download and installed new firmware in the old box, but the choices were between waiting for the upgrade cycle to complete in April, or get a new modem/router delivered (why?). Naturally, the upgrade has not fixed my problem, so I’m off to Hardly Normal this morning for a new wireless router. I don’t have the patience to take it any further.

  3. Arnie 26 July, 2012 at 23:42

    Hi Matt,
    I just installed Bigpond Cable using the CG24DN.
    Since installing, my Macbook Pro Retina (purchased new only 1 month ago) cannot access or any other google sites such as and
    Do you have any idea how to correct this or why this is happening?

    • mattconnolly 1 August, 2012 at 13:17

      Hi Arnie, sounds like it could be a DNS problem. Do you get any specific error messages? Do you have any other computers/iPhones/etc that are working with the router or is it just this one mac?

      I wouldn’t hesitate to call Bigpond support about it, too. Best of luck,


  4. jacobbrett 25 September, 2012 at 23:57

    Hey Matt,

    Thanks for your write‐up. Your described problems have helped me diagnose my own issues with this poor‐quality device (NetGear CGD24N). Contacting Telstra support channels via email and phone was a useless exercise in frustration which only served to waste hours of my time (I even referred them to your posts).

    I just installed a NetGear WNDR2800 to act as a router for my home network and the difference is immediately noticeable—I can open multiple webpages (as in more‐than‐one!) without the router freezing up and even run peer‐to‐peer services concurrently!

    Thanks again.

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