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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Telstra Bigpond pays up for router to make up for crappy Netgear cable modem!

After a frustrating series of unsuccessful attempts to get Telstra Bigpond to replace their crappy Netgear Cable modem with something that would actually work, and resolving the issue by supplying my own router, I made a formal complaint to Telstra documenting all of the trouble shooting that I’ve done, the dates that I had rang technical support, etc, etc.

The crux of my complaint was this:

I have provided enough technical analysis of the problem to unequivocally identify that the Netgear CGD24N cable modem is incapable of performing the required functionality for the “Telstra Complete Home Saver 200GB Bundle” service.

I have given Telstra Bigpond a fair opportunity to resolve the issue and it has not been resolved.

I have taken further steps and resolved the issue myself by disabling a significant portion of the Netgear CGD24N’s functionality and installing an additional wireless router (Linksys model E2000) at my own expense.

I therefore make the following demands:

  1. I demand that the cost of this Linksys E2000 router ($115.00) be reimbursed to me as a credit to my Bigpond account. (Original invoice attached.)
  2. I demand acknowledgement from Telstra that no suitable customer premises equipment has been delivered and subsequently the conditions for the contract for service have not been met. I will then continue to use Bigpond as my Internet service provider just as if a contract period had expired naturally, subject to no cancellation clauses, and continuing on a rolling monthly basis.
  3. I demand a written response to this complaint with 14 days. 

And today, I received a phone call from their complaints resolution people, offering me a refund for the $115.00 which I happily accepted and a guarantee that I’ll be released from any contract-period cancellation charges should I cancel my service. The guy was polite and gave me a reference number, his Telstra employee number and the phone number for his office (call centre I suppose). I’ll take what I can get.

A refund of $115.00 certainly costs Telstra less than a complaint escalated to the TIO, is less than what they’ve already spent on technical support that couldn’t deal with the issue, and is worth way less than the amount of time I’ve spent on this issue, but I’ll take it as a win.

I just hope they’ve really learnt something from this and can give Netgear a boot up the proverbial for making such second rate equipment (and themselves for supplying it).

Happy days.

Edit: Thanks Glenn for your comment. You can download the pdf here: Telstra Complaint – Netgear CGD24N