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RVM in OpenIndiana revisited

I just went through the process of setting up RVM from scratch in a zone in OpenIndiana. I wrote previously about the gnu path problem, but didn’t write down any of the OpenIndiana dependencies. They are:

Installing RVM

To install RVM, you will need:

  1. curl certificates installed into /etc/curl/curlCA (not installed by default in a new zone)
  2. The following packages are required to install rvm:
    `# pkg install archiver/gnu-tar text/gawk text/gnu-grep pkg:/`
    Note: This requires adding the “SFE” (Spec Files Extra) repository as a known publisher. If this is already set up in your global zone then the new non-global zone should inherit it.
  3. Set the PATH environment variable to include `/usr/gnu/bin` at the front, i.e.: in .bashrc
    `export PATH=/usr/gnu/bin:$PATH`

Building Ruby 1.8.7

You will additionally need the following packages installed to build ruby 1.8.7 using rvm:

`# pkg install runtime/gcc text/gnu-patch developer/library/lint system/header system/library/math/header-math file/gnu-coreutils`

Et voilá!

Installing Ruby Enterprise Edition also worked for me. But it’s installer requires another ruby to be installed first.


So far the following rubies / gems have had problems:

  • Ruby 1.9.3 does not build correctly. (1.9.2 does, though) See the illumos bug tracker:
  • Passenger gem installs, but apache module fails to compile.


So it’s not yet a perfect world


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