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Amazon EC2: Amazon Linux vs Ubuntu Linux

Just for curiosity’s sake, I decided to boot up an instance of each, install apache, mysql, ruby and ruby gems and see how much disk and memory was used by each.

Using the preset 32-bit installs (each on an 8GB EBS volume), the disk usage was:

Ubuntu: 1.1GB / Amazon-Linux: 1.2GB

And after a clean boot, free memory was:

Ubuntu: 560128k free / Amazon-Linux: 541844k free.

Not much in it, but Ubuntu wins on both.

Only other thing I noticed so far as was the repositories for Amazon linux seemed faster to access than Ubuntu’s ones. Not a big deal though, once everything is installed.

I’m very interested to see if Ubuntu’s Landscape offers better insights into an Ubuntu instance than Amazon’s own cloud watch metrics… I’ll have a play soon.


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