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Ruby on Rails Virtual Host craziness

I followed the instructions for installing ruby with passenger from this blog:

I had a similar problem to Tom’s comment where all my web requests ended up being handled by passenger (mod_rails). RTFM’ing about virtual hosts found a solution for me:

The first virtual host becomes the main site. So you need a virtual host for “localhost” with ServerName localhost and DocumentRoot matching the main server DocumentRoot.

Otherwise the rails app will become the default, and the entire site will be handled by passenger. Most frustating.


Finally I can hide Gmail’s All Mail folder in IMAP

I don’t know how long this Google Labs feature has been around, but I’m thrilled that now I can hide the “All Mail” folder from Gmail’s IMAP so Mac Mail doesn’t download messages twice!

Some people may not like that you cannot access archived messages from Mac Mail, but I’m happy to go online to do that. Messages I want to keep I move into folders anyway.

Once you enable the Advanced IMAP labs feature, you see this in the Labels settings page:

The Show in Imap checkbox appears when you enable the Google Labs Advanced IMAP feature.

The Show in Imap checkbox appears when you enable the Google Labs Advanced IMAP feature.

It also hides it on my iPhone = yay!

ADSL speed with long phone cable

I know that you’re meant to use the shortest cable possible between the wall point and your ADSL modem, but the wall point just isn’t in a practical place. So I got a 15m extension cable, run it up over the ceiling to the other end of the room, and it works, and doesn’t seem to affect my speed too much:


Facebook Speed dating app sucks

Just realised that some trivial facebook apps have been bought/merged/acquired/infected by speed dating. Suddenly my facebook notifications is full of speed dating rubbish.

And to make things worse, facebook’s interface for removing apps seems to be broken.

They’ll surely want to fix that quickly before everyone removes apps altogether – isn’t that one of the real features of facebook?

Edit: Just found out that it’s now more difficult to remove applications properly. You need to go to Applications -> Edit Applications -> Show Authorised. Then click the X and you can remove the app.

Internode Easy Broadband Internet Plan

Internode have just released a new internet plan: “Internode Easy Broadband“. The plan is the first plan that counts data as downloads and uploads.

Simon Hackett, Managing Director of Internode, writes on the whirlpool forum that it’s all about effective comparisons with other major ISPs such as Telstra and Optus.

There’s a fair bit of noise on the forum about this, but I think it’s a good idea. As internet applications and highly efficient transport of data via peer-to-peer systems become more commonplace, the amount of uploads will increase dramatically in the future. It’s only fair that Internode be compared on even footing with the other big ISPs – and at what seems like much better value too.

Of course, if you don’t like it, no one is making you do it. That’s a fresh perspective compared to other ISPs, notable TPG, who change plans and terms on their customers without choice.

So, my opinion is: another win for Internode! Good work, Simon Hackett.

optus fusion = corporate greed

I nearly signed up for an Optus Yes Fusion earlier in the year, and it turned out that Optus was unable to get a connection to the line in the unit where I’m renting. At first, it seems like good value, but there’s something in the fine print that’s ridiculous.

When the data limit is reached on most plans, the ISP usually does one of two things:

  • speed limit for remainder of month, or
  • charge for excess usage.

I don’t know anyone who likes to pay excess usage. Particularly when the price for the excess is exorbitant. Most excess usage is around $6/GB (see whirlpool) but sometimes it’s as ridiculously high as $150/GB.

The Optus fusion plan gives you the worst of both. How? They charge you $300 for the first 2GB over the limit, and then shape speed.

So Optus reserve the right to make $300 off you for 24 months contract period if you go over your data limit in a month.

I’m glad to say that my ISP, internode, defaults to shaping but gives the choice to buy more data for the remainder of the month, at a reasonable price of $2.50/GB. I’m happy to have the choice, and the price is fair. That’s what you don’t get with Optus Fusion.

Say No to corporate greed, say No to Optus Yes Fusion.

Gmail spam filter broken

Spam has been a problem for many years now. Thankfully the problem seems to be decreasing in general. Check out the google-trend on searches for “spam filter

I’ve gone through various spam filtering options, and the one I have been most happy with is Gmail’s built in spam filtering.┬áI’ve set up my other email addresses to forward to my Gmail account, where I can check with Mac Mail or ┬áiPhone by IMAP, and, of course, from anywhere with the web.

But in the last week, several spam messages per day have been slipping through. A quick search on the web seems to show that there were problems with GMail spam filtering back in 2007, but not so much recently. Grrrr…