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iPhone tethering: My fridge, my beer.

Up until now, when you bought a fridge, you could put anything you like in it. And when you bought beer and put it in your fridge, you could do whatever you like with the beer.

Now there’s this new fridge out that’s got a special deal with all the breweries  (like the deal between Apple and Optus) where you have to pay an extra fee if you give the cold beer to a friend.

What’s that? I bought the fridge. I bought the beer. I can put the beer in the fridge and drink it. But I have to pay an extra fee to pass the beer onto my friend? Just because it’s a new fridge? RUBBISH!

And so, Apple’s tethering deal with Optus is clearly a money grab for the convenience of something we’ve always been able to do with other phones. (At least every Nokia phone I’ve ever had with bluetooth could tether data from any access point).

Does anyone know if there’s a petition against this?

What about some regulation that this practice is unfair for consumers? ACCC? TIO? Anyone?