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Facebook Speed dating app sucks

Just realised that some trivial facebook apps have been bought/merged/acquired/infected by speed dating. Suddenly my facebook notifications is full of speed dating rubbish.

And to make things worse, facebook’s interface for removing apps seems to be broken.

They’ll surely want to fix that quickly before everyone removes apps altogether – isn’t that one of the real features of facebook?

Edit: Just found out that it’s now more difficult to remove applications properly. You need to go to Applications -> Edit Applications -> Show Authorised. Then click the X and you can remove the app.


Facebook app crashed my iPhone

The facebook app crashed my iPhone this morning. I was opening a friend’s photo album that they had posted… and the music started skipping and then it just hung.

I know Optus’s data connection isn’t the best, but that shouldn’t stop the whole phone from working. I think it’s a buggy app. It’s always telling me I have unread messages when I don’t and generally clunky.

Lucky for me I managed to guess the reset combination… press and hold both button simultaneously for about 10 seconds.