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Using GParted to resize a Windows XP partition in a Parallels VM

I use Parallels to run Windows XP for the odd times that I need to run something natively in Windows that I can’t run in Mac OS X… like playing a game or something 🙂

I recently upgraded to a new MacBook Pro with a larger hard drive. As a part of the transition, the Parallels VM now sees a disk that is 230GB but has a 32GB partition on it. (It was originally just a 32GB partition on a 32GB disk when I first created the VM on the old machine).

So, I downloaded the GParted ISO, and attached the ISO to the VM, it shows up in the Windows XP My Computer. Cool. Shut down the machine and changes its boot order so CD is before HD and then boot it up again.

GParted boots, with a few text prompts to select keyboard and language, and then up pops a graphical interface showing my drive. Select the partition, select Resize/Move, enter a new size, and then Apply. A few seconds later, it’s done.

Shut down the machine again, disconnect the GParted Image, and reboot.

Windows popped up with an old blue screen needing to do a CHKDSK consistency check of the file system. I let it do it’s thing. It rebooted.

Windows came up and had to install a driver for a new piece of hardware (dunno what) and rebooted again.

And then it all seems good. Not a totally painless process, but certainly easier than having to reinstall everything in a new VM image!