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Queensland Election

I normally don’t follow election campaigns with too much detail, but Springborg’s campaign for the upcoming Queensland appears to me to be irresponsible and full of misinformation.

One of his ads Springborg appears and claims that he will “lower payroll tax to create jobs”. I’m no expert in tax, but taxation is a federal government department – so how can the Queensland election affect that!?

And then there is the series of ads: “Labor: Not good enough”. These are the perfect example of why I’ve hated political campaigns since I was a child. Who is this ad by? Who should I vote then?

I don’t think that Coca Cola would legally be able to make ads like this about Pepsi. So why do political parties do it?

I think political ads should always mention, not just in the disclaimer, who the ad is for. Instead of saying “Labor: not good enough” say “LNP: we’ll do it better”… then people can ask why and make an educated decision instead of being badgered by a negative and ambiguous campaign.