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FMOD hard panning

I wrote an article on the fmod support forum recently about “hard panning“. This youtube video shows how it happens:

It makes perfect sense if the listening point is also the viewing point, which happens in first person games.

However, in a third person perspective, panning should be a little more subtle. Anything close to the player will be close to the centre of the screen, so it makes sense for the sound to come from the centre speaker. This results in a sound track with panning more like that in film and television, which is nearly always shot in a third person perspective.

And I’m glad to report, thanks to a recent FMOD update, that there is now a solution for this that works on all console platforms! (It takes a bit of work to make it happen, but it works!!!)


Sound vs Audio (terminology)

I’ve been thinking the last few days about the difference between the words “Sound” and “Audio”. In many respects, they are synonymous, and I’ve noticed that my usage is inconsistent.

For example: Am I a Sound Designer or Audio Designer?

Sometimes using one word over the other feels right because we often hear them combined with other words:

  1. Audio Technology
  2. Sound Effects
  3. Sound Track (of a film)
  4. Audio- visual

Then the difference came to me when thinking in plurals. You can have many sounds but not many audios. So audio is the general word, referring to the whole, and sound is the more specific word, referring to a specific instance of a noise.

But I still don’t have an answer to the question above…