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spam spam and more spam

Helping out with building a website for a friend at the moment, and you guessed it, the guestbook got filled with spam.

Fortunately it was easily removed because it was all from one email address, so that made it easy to remove all the posts in one big hit.

But it got me thinking about how to stop it.

Here’s a few things I’m going to try:

  1. Only accept posts where I can verify that the referrer is my own site.
  2. Automatically block posts where more than a certain number of posts happen in a day from the same IP address  (let’s say 5 per day).
  3. Use the API from this site:
  4. Perhaps use Captcha from here:

I was pretty impressed with the Stop Forum Spam site – the guy spamming mine was on that list already. I guess the more sites use anti-spam databases, the harder it is for spammers to get their stuff out there.

Any other ideas are welcome!